Get Involved!

The Grey Snow Eagle House appreciates your support. If you are interested in helping our facility, you can do so in several different ways!

  • We greatly appreciate individuals that donate their time by volunteering to help care for our eagles.
  • You can adopt one of our raptors and in return you, an organization, or a classroom will receive educational activities and/or letters from your bird about what is going on at our facility. This is especially great for classrooms!
  • Our cages must stay maintained so that our birds stay in good health. This is a major feat and by sponsoring one of our cages you can help us continue to achieve this goal for future generations of birds. In return, your name will be featured on a plaque in that cage.
  • You can join the Flock to receive updated information about our facility, gift shop and event discounts, and a copy of our annual publication WingBeat sent straight to your house!

We appreciate all of volunteers and donors help. Previous donations have helped us purchase much needed ICU room equipment, make cage repairs, build feeder animal programs, install sound equipment in our education auditorium, and more!