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Injured Wildlife

We are ONLY able to take in injured bald and golden eagles from Oklahoma for rehabilitation purposes. If you have found another animal species please visit the Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation’s list of rehabilitators to find an appropriate rehabilitator near you.

To report an injured bald or golden eagle, please call  four zero five-334-7471 or four zero five-880-0734 and leave a detailed message, as we may be away from the phone caring for onsite raptors.


Please read our tour policies before calling as this page will answer many of your questions and you can book a tour right from your device!

Other Questions

For other questions, please call four zero five-334-7471.

For questions about the GSEH or the website, please contact Aviary Director and webmaster Megan Judkins,mjudkins (at)

Physical Address:
335567 E740 RD
Perkins, OK 74059

Mailing Address:
Grey Snow Eagle House
335588 E 750 RD
Perkins, OK 74059

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