Rehabilitation & Long Term Care

The Grey Snow Eagle House provides homes to over 54 bald and golden eagles from throughout the United States, in addition the facility has released 26 eagles back into the wild from Oklahoma. The facility is able to do this through its possession of the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Eagle Rehabilitation and Native American Eagle Aviary permits.

The eagles receiving life-long care at the facility are eagles that have been injured and are unable to survive in the wild because of these injuries. These eagles come from all over the United States including areas such as Oklahoma, Arkansas, Michigan, Nebraska, Colorado, Oregon, and Wisconsin, and they have received injuries such as being hit by a car, electrocuted, or gunshot. While these eagles have been injured, special attention is given to each individual to ensure that they have quality of life while in captivity. Individuals are provided with large rock pools to bath, fresh food, and even enrichment activities. These eagles receive bi-annual veterinary exams from Dr. Paul Welch (Tulsa, OK) to ensure each individual is happy and healthy.

The eagles that are here for rehabilitation purposes have been injured in Oklahoma. These birds are usually found by game wardens and good samaritans.  These birds go through our rehabilitation program where they receive top notch care in our ICU room where they can rest in peace while they heal. During this time, their progress is monitored by our trained aviary staff and Dr. Paul Welch (Tulsa, OK).  Once an individual is ready to begin being prepped for release, it will be moved to our rehabilitation flight cage. This cage is specially designed for eagles going back to the wild as it is our longest cage at 150 feet and has a turn in it so flight strength and patterns can be thoroughly assessed. When the eagle is strong enough and hunts effectively, the eagle will be returned to the wild.