What We Do

Empowering Communities

Not only is our focus on rehabilitation, but also increasing community awareness for wildlife and Native American culture. We have visited many schools, assisted living centers, and symposiums in Oklahoma to teach about the importance of eagles. In addition, we provide tours of our facility to the public, so they can gain an understanding of what our facility does.

Cultivating Partners

The U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service’s Southwest Region, Migratory Bird Permit Office implemented the Native American Eagle Aviary Permit.  Eagles housed in these aviaries are birds rescued from the wild, but the nature or severity of injuries prevent the birds from being returned to the wild. We have also partnered with Oklahoma State University to develop conservation genomics tools for bald and golden eagles. This project has over 20 organizations that help provide blood samples of eagles throughout their North American range.

 Protecting Species

The Iowa Tribe of Oklahoma’s Bah-Kho Je Xla-Chi (Grey Snow Eagle House) is committed to protect and rehabilitate injured  bald and golden eagles and provide homes to eagles that are not able to be released. We have currently provided homes to eagles from at least eight different states and have released 23 bald and golden eagles back into the wild.