Callie grew up in McKinney, Texas and has always had a love for animals of all shapes and sizes. In high school she got her first job working with animals in a local vet clinic as a veterinary technician. In the fall of 2019 she moved to Stillwater to begin pursuing a bachelor’s degree in biology and zoology. During the final year of her undergrad, she studied abroad in San Jose, Costa Rica, where she had the opportunity to study the native wildlife, including sharks, marine mammals, and tropical birds. She came back to Stillwater and completed her degree in the spring of 2023, and began working at Grey Snow in the spring of 2024. She remains in Stillwater, living with her three children: a golden retriever named Wallace, and two adorable kitties, Oliver and Skippy. Her favorite birds are the Harpy Eagle, Lesson’s Motmot, and Northern Emerald Toucanet.