Tour Information


Update November 25, 2018: Panels for winter will be going up this week so viewing will be limited. We will also be limiting our tours to the 2:00 time slot as the morning temperature is decreasing.

Tours are booked by appointment only for Saturdays and Sundays at 10:00 and 2:00 for no more than 15 people per time slot.  It is very difficult for us to schedule drop in tours or tours that are scheduled at the last minute as we may be already booked up or we do not have the staff numbers scheduled that day to provide a tour. Therefore, it is recommended that you call at least three weeks in advance to ensure that you will be able to obtain your desired day for weekends. We ask that you please call 24 hours before your appointment to confirm you are still coming for the scheduled tour.  As multiple groups may be booked with you, we ask that you show up as close to your scheduled time as possible as we will not be able to start tours early and late groups will have to begin a tour which has already started.

School groups/large groups (no more than 30) are welcome to book a tour on Thursdays by appointment only. It is recommended that you book at least two months in advance for school/large groups.

The best time of year to view the birds is spring-mid summer and fall-early winter. We shut down the facility for tours once the heat index is a consistent 100 degrees every day and do not provide tours if the temperature is under 40 degrees.  We also put up winter panels on the facility in the winter to try to keep the wind off of the birds and the workers.  These decisions have been made to insure the eagles are kept in good health and well being.

Please call 405-880-0734 to request a tour, thank you.